Nordson Announces They are Obsoleting the 3000V Series Hot Melt Units and Parts

May 2017

Recently, Nordson announced they were obsoleting the 3000V Vista Series Hot Melt Units. They will no longer be supplying parts for these units. What does this mean to you the customer:

  • Forced to Upgrade to the next Production Model
  • Will have to look elsewhere for parts to keep lines running
  • Jeopardize production by gambling on your hot melt unit making it without going down during production
  • More demand for parts means higher prices
    ADQ understands your situation and we are prepared to support your equipment needs along with others models Nordson has chosen to make obsoleted models along with other models Nordson has chosen not to support. If you are in need of a rebuilt/refurbished unit, and including replacement parts please contact us through this website. List of Obsolete Equipment and Parts
  • 3000 Series Hot Melt Units
  • 3000V Vista Series Hot melt Units
  • Model IV and V Units
  • We also support the current Problue and Dura Blue Hot Melt Units
  • Foam Melt 150 and Foam Melt 200 Units




The Glue Ain’t Working

May 2017

Those are the words that every Line Supervisor/ Production manager literally hates to hear! IT means their packaging operations have come to a halt until someone figures out what went wrong and how to correct it. Fortunately, there is a checklist that you can use to get things going again:

  • Check the lot number of the adhesives on line. If it is the same as yesterday, when the line ran well, it ain’t the glue.
  • Check the substrate, lot changes can make a difference due to coating weight and contribute to poor or adhesive failure. Corrugated surfaces can have different holdout properties, even though they look the same, use a simple water drop test on the board and test for absorption. Beads that last longer than a minute may require changes in compression settings.
  • Hot Melts: Check the operating temperatures for all zones on the melt unit. Too cold or too hot can lead to pop opens or poor bond sites. 
  • Cold Glue: Check add-on levels by looking at the bead size and tip size. Air and pump pressure settings should also be reviewed.
  • Check compression pressure and dwell time, too little of each and incomplete bonds will occur.

Finally, if all that fails to get your process back up and operational, call us at ADQ. With over 100 years of combined adhesive and equipment experience in sales and service, our representatives can visit your plant and suggest ways to get your production lines back up and running at PEAK efficiencies. 


Innovative Hot Melt Equipment Solutions From Graco® and ADQ Inc.

May 2017

True innovation has arrived in the dispensing of hot melt packaging adhesives by way of the new Graco “Tank-Free” Hot Melt System InvisiPac™. ADQ is an authorized sales representative of both InvisiPac™ and the adhesives for this innovative system.

Keep your packaging line UP and Running with the Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt Delivery System.

Say good-bye to daily maintenance:

  • No more char-filled hoses.
  • No more tank scraping.
  • No more wasted time waiting for the tank to heat up.

With the Graco InvisiPac System, you’re up to operating temperature and running production in less than 10 minutes. Because it’s engineered with a tank-free design, adhesives spend less time at high temperatures, significantly reducing char and its negative side effects. You get great performance – even from low cost adhesives.

How It Works:  Graco InvisiPac System uses an integrated vacuum system to feed adhesive pellets to an in-line melt chamber. A sensor monitors adhesive in the chamber, and additional pellets are automatically added as needed based on the demand of your application. With its efficient heat transfer design, the InvisiPac System has adhesive throughput capability equivalent to or better than many hot melt tank systems.

The Results: You get a continuous flow of adhesive during production that significantly reduces the time adhesives sit at temperature. Less time at high temperature means less char, less maintenance and more uptime.

With the Invisipac Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator, you’ll experience a new era in hassle-free operation with improved uptime. Also, with Innovative free-flow manifold design and integrated applicator filtering – together with the InvisiPac™ System – you can virtually eliminate nozzle plugs.
You’ll finally have a hot melt system that runs Reliably, Unnoticed and Invisible.

ADQ offers both the Graco System and the adhesives compatible with this system. We can take care of your entire adhesive requirements from beginning to end. Please call us for a complete needs analysis and review. 1-800-ADQ-GLUE


Testimony From One of Our Customers on Graco’s New “Invisipac®” Tankless Melting Systems

May 2017

I first heard of the Graco®’s “Invisipac®” from Fritz Woerner, the owner of ADQ. Fritz had just returned from the Pack Expo in Chicago, here is how our conversation started…

Fritz said; “John I just found the glue system of the future!”

Then I said: “Fritz I have been in the box business for a long time a glue pot is a glue pot is a glue pot.” 

Fritz assured me this was different, the Hot Melts System was TANK-LESS, this glue system heats on demand, there is only a small amount of hot melt adhesive melting at one time.  Still being skeptical, even though I also heard about InvisiPac®” from a competitor, I asked Fritz for more information.  

 Fritz said:  “Better than that, how would you like to trial a unit?” 

Two weeks later I had a Graco® “InvisiPac®” Unit in house! This unit goes way beyond the hot melt units I have used for years; we had it installed and running in less than 20 minutes.

My old system made us buy the most expensive glue on the market, a metallocene based hot melt, due to charring of EVA adhesives, and we still had angel hair or stringing of the glue on the cartons. Because of the design of the InvisiPac®” I can use a lower cost EVA hot melt and have eliminated the chance of char thus saving Verallia dollars on a cost per pound basis.

This unit even has a system to monitor glue usage per hour, log adjustments made to the machine, and many more great features that our old system never had.

Having run the InvisiPac®“ for over 4 months, I have had ZERO issues.  It truly is INVISIBLE on my production floor and that translates to uptime for my PRODUCTION.

I am working to replace all of my old Crock Pot Hot Melt Technology with the Tank-less InvisiPac®”system.  I have suggested InvisiPac®” to all our sister plants too.

John Burden
Carton Scheduling Manager

Contact Fritz Woerner at ADQ to help your company save $$ too!


Death of a Hot Melt Glue Unit

May 2017

  1. Leaving your unit on all the time and not running production causes char and degraded glue build up. This also causes extensive buildup in your hoses, which over a long period of time narrows the inside diameter of the hose and also causes char to break loose and flow to the head and plug nozzles. You can avoid many of the nozzles plugging by adding inline filters. But within time you will need to replace costly hoses.
  2. Leaving the tank lid open just lets contamination enter your tank. Even in packaging corrugated there are many fine fibers floating in the air that can enter the tank. These fibers will turn to char very fast and be fed through your hoses and then to the head and start plugging nozzles. Even in the cleanest of environments there are airborne particles that can cause problems.
  3. Leaving glue boxes or glue holding containers open. They are also exposed to the same contaminates as leaving your tank lid open.

The New Graco Invisipac Sytem will Solve These Problems

Melting glue on demand! No more melted glue sitting hot in a tank for long periods of time. It only melts the glue you need when you need it without the long waiting periods of heating up your unit and melting the glue. Also, your glue is stored in a closed container and automatically feeds to the tank as needed.

Plus many other features including the Intuitive User Interface; Graphics and text make operation simple, easy troubleshooting, and most of all, tracks adhesive consumption!


Mike’s Turn

May 2017

At ADQ Inc., Our objective is to solve problems. We do not just sell Hot-Melt or Equipment, we provide a solution for all of your hot melt needs. With over 80 years of combined service in the industry, we look forward to meeting the needs of our customers. 

With the rollout of the new Tank Less Hot Melt system by GRACO, our business has taken off with offering customers New Solutions to Old Habits that have been hard to break. Do you have any of these problems in your everyday production;

  • Plugged Nozzles
  • Char in the Tanks, Guns and Hoses
  • Long Heat Up Times
  • Down Production from Hot Melt Equipment Problems

We take great pride in being a service-based company. This means our customers’ needs come first. Why not check out what ADQ has to offer for your Adhesives, Dispensing Equipment, Service and Parts needs.


You Can Keep Your Current Glue

May 2017


After all, it works, and has been working for years…We understand that! That’s why we at ADQ offer you the best in Hot Melt applications equipment on the market today.

Whether your interests are in:

  • Gracos’s Invisipac Systems, designed to save you money in energy and adhesive usage
  • Or if your need centers on rebuilt systems and parts
  • Or simply servicing your current hot melt machines.

We are the only company you need. 

We stock hoses, guns, modules, nozzles, and filters for Graco Invisipac, Nordson, Slautterback, and ITW.

All made in the USA and guaranteed to meet your needs. Ask about our competitive pricing and start saving money today. Explore our website and give us a call, Our employees make certain we earn YOUR business every day.

P.S. Just in case you do have an inkling to change your old glue and “upgrade” to the latest in polymer technology, or wanting better customer service, we can help with adhesives as well. All Backed by a staff with over a hundred years of holt melt and liquid adhesive industry experience. 


How Climate Change Affects Your Packaging Operations

May 2017


What I am talking about is Seasonal climate temperature changes that bring spiked humidity and temperature variations that can alter the ability of your paper substrates to achieve the bond strengths you need.  Whether your corrugated packaging or labeling substrates are delivered JIT or stored in non temperature controlled warehouses, the changes in heat and humidity ratios in paper stock can be dramatic!  Weak bond sites are direct results of moisture saturated sites attributed to local weather conditions.  That weak link in your production system could pose a disaster to your bottom line financials in returned goods.

How do we control for this naturally occurring phenomena?  First, arrange to have all your paper substrates brought into your controlled plant environment at least 24 hours prior to production use.  This should allow some settling of substrate temperature and partial normalization of moisture levels in the paper.  Next, check the settings of your hot melt dispensing units depending on the season.  A properly operating system set for seasonal change is essential to offset potential packaging failures.  If you’re still not sure what to do, call and arrange for a trained ADQ representative to conduct a thorough line audit in your plant.  Our representatives have over a hundred years of packaging experience to offer your manufacturing team.

We can and will help you not only meet but exceed your production goals!
Call or e mail us soon.

– Allen Turner