At ADQ Inc. We Answer the Phone!

February 2018

AT ADQ INC. one of our values is to answer the phone.  We never know when a customer or potential Customer is in a bind and needs our help.

One of our advantages of being an adhesive and hot melt dispensing equipment distributor is that we have inventory and we have warehouses strategically located within 2 hours of 95% of our customers.

ADQ realizes when our phone rings after hours it is either an issue with the customer’s; Nordson, ITW, HMT, Astro, or Graco equipment and need HELP right away, OR it is an adhesive problem; issue with the application or they have run out of stock unexpectedly.  This is where being both equipment and adhesive suppliers works for You the customer.

Here is a story of a recent ANSWER THE PHONE PROBLEM!

Example: a competitor has let their customer down by not having material available for them or a miscommunication.  Good luck trying to get ahold of someone at one of the big three US adhesive companies.

It’s Saturday, the day after black Friday (Thanksgiving weekend), and a local company in the internet fulfillment business had ran out of packaging adhesive. They were working thru a third-party supplier of packaging products who sell them their hotmelt.  A current ADQ  customer contacted us and asked if we could help out the internet fulfillment business’ supplier. Their customer was going thru 1000 lbs a day and their supplier had zero inventory on the customers biggest day of the year.

ADQ contacted the third party and it was clear they did not understand the adhesive business or how hot melt worked. Thought you could just send in any hot melt material and it would do the job. ADQ understood what the product was needed and took a pallet over to them right away, on a Saturday. As part of our customer service we visited the site to see how else we could help.  We meet with their fulfillment person, who said that their current supplier could not get them material until the next Monday. Customer needed more material now and ADQ came to the rescue! We went back to our warehouse and picked up two more pallets. 

Customer loved the fact that ADQ Answered the phone, understood their problem, and Solved it!
They needed and wanted to buy 10,000lbs by Tuesday. ADQ Inc. got it done.  Another Satisfied customer that loved our service and wants to do business with suppliers that ANSWER THE PHONE and they know they can trust not to let them down.

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