ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Nordson® Durablue 25

March 2018

Problem: Leaking Melter, but not able to shut down the line to fix or replace.

Customer had a hot melt unit that was leaking, but they could not shut down the production to fix it; consequently, they kept the unit running for weeks non-stop. By the time they called us, the hot melt was all over the bottom of the large Nordson DURABLUE 25. Customer said that they were unable to tackle this repair and told us they knew it was a mess, but they needed it turned around fast.

Solution: ADQ Inc. puts 2 technicians on the job.

Not being able to even turn on the machine to help it warm up, to at least soften the glue, our staff worked at finding unique ways to get all the hot melt away from the bottom of the machine to determine the location of the leak.

ADQ’s staff was able to clean the unit, identify the leak, and make the repairs.



ADQ Problem Solvers with Customer Service as our main drive!


Graco® InvisiPac HM25C

March 2018

The Graco® InvisiPac – Tank Free Hot Melt System 

Realize the benefits of Tank-Free technology with the Generation 3 designed InvisiPac HM25c. And because all the controls are included in the internal circuit board, the unit can work independent from its control panel (ADM). This means that the controls can be operated from afar or integrated into other control panels. Visit  for more information.


  • 10-min start up time
  • Connection for 8 zones
  • Standard integrated material tracking
  • Auto shut-off capability after user defined idle time
  • USB download of operating data, errors and event history
  • Quantitatively analyze machine performance to improve preventative maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Internal pattern control with easy pattern set up on all configurations
  • Auto-tuning fill adjusts over time as conditions change eliminating the need for calibration
  • 25lb; 11,3 kg/hour melt rate
  • Tank Free design eliminates charred material that causes nozzle clogging

If you are ready for a Tank Free, no char system, that will delivery precise temperature control and constant viscosity that leads to overall adhesive savings, call us at 800-237-4583 and visit us at