ADQ Inc. Takes the Time to Listen to the Customer… Small or Large!

May 2018

At ADQ Inc., we aspire to provide involved and cooperative support to our customers. For projects small or large, our knowledgeable and experienced staff will give you the necessary time and effort to see your needs fulfilled. As some of the larger companies overlook low volume users of their products, we aim to fill the void in support that many users experience with decades of experience behind us.

For Example: A company had multiple brands of adhesive equipment that had been purchased 6-10 years ago. Through time, a few number of unlabeled and unmarked parts from the two equipment brands had begun to wear and lose functionality. A large equipment manufacturer would not give this customer their time and effort to understand the customer’s operations and identify the specific parts that needed to be replaced. After months of outreach to no avail, this company was introduced to ADQ. ADQ was able to analyze the customer’s needs, research and identify the unlabeled parts, and become a steady supplier and service provider for the company within weeks of being introduced. Because our work utilizes reliable and responsive communication to our customers, we were able to fulfill the customer’s needs when other companies couldn’t.