ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Nordson® Problue Piston Pump Stalling

August 2018

Refer to your Nordson manual for SAFETY instructions.

Problem: Customer’s piston pumps in their ProBlue hot melt systems were constantly stalling and they could not figure out what was going on.

ADQ Solution: We suggested they lubricate their piston pumps every 1-2 months. One of the easiest ways to prevent your ProBlue piston pump from stalling is keep up on lubrication. The reason we see this happen from time to time is that the air valves are lubricated in the factory; however, the initial lubrication only keeps your piston pumps running smoothly for 1-2 months. That being said, how often you need to lubricate your air valves depends on how much you are running your Nordson machine.

Without lubrication, you risk corrosive build up in the air valves of your pump and the possibility of having a line down. Lubricating your air valves prevents them from drying and seizing up your pumps, thus keeping the piston pumps running smoothly.

Customer Result: We suggested that our customer lubricate their ProBlue air valves every 1-2 months to prevent stalling their ProBlue piston pumps. Since we consulted with them, their piston pumps have been running smoothly and they have not had to shut their lines down because of a dry air valve.

If you have any additional questions regarding preventative maintenance on your hot melt machines, give us a call at 1-800-237-4583 and we will help you troubleshoot.