Adhesive Suppliers

ADQ caries best in class adhesives from these world class brands Bostik®, Jowat®, Wisdom®, Beardow Adams®, and FPC®

ADQ Inc. is a leading supplier for the top manufacturers in the world. Our diverse selection of suppliers gives us the unique ability to provide best-in-class adhesives at the best price-point. With over 5,000 products across 7 suppliers, we are able to meet you where you’re at with the leading supplier for your application. Each of our suppliers has unique competitive advantages in certain markets that we bring to every customer. 

Bostik® Adhesives an Arkema® Company

ADQ Inc. is a leading supplier of Bostik® adhesives. Bostik® is a leading global adhesive specialist in construction, consumer and industrial markets. For more than a century, it has been developing innovative sealing and bonding solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape daily lives. Bostik materials provide excellent adhesion strength, flexibility, and weather resistance.

Jowat® Adhesives

ADQ Inc. is a leading supplier of Jowat® adhesives, a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives. Their products are mainly used in paper & packaging industry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry.

Beardow Adams

ADQ Inc. is a leading supplier of Beardow Adams . In every industry sector with uniquely versatile, high performance solutions. Specially formulated products, hot-melt adhesives can be tailored to adhere strongly to most materials including metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, leather, fabric and foam. Unlike less advanced adhesives, hot melts can also be used with confidence on hot, cold or wet surfaces.

Offering clear commercial benefits, their adhesives have been specifically engineered for use within the most demanding case making, carton sealing and tray forming applications. In addition, Beardow Adams appreciates the need for healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging to be secure and tamper-resistant and delivers adhesives that provide exceptional pack construction and sealing strength.

Wisdom Adhesives®

ADQ inc. is a leading supplier of Wisdom Adhesives®. Wisdom Adhesives® was acquired by HB Fuller® in January, 2017. HB Fuller® continues to manufacture Wisdom Formulas’ to the same standards. Wisdom’s packaging adhesives are some of the most cost-effective, clean running products on the market. Their general purpose adhesives are known for their optimal performance, specially formulated with high thermal stability, great mileage, and the ability to bond to a wide range of paper-board stock. 

The Reynolds Company®

ADQ inc. is a leading supplier for The Reynolds Company®. Since 1976 Reynolds® has supported all the major markets with high quality, cost-effective hot-melts and water-based adhesives and coatings. The Reynolds Company® products are widely used in packaging, product assembly, bedding/foam and non-woven industries. Their continued efforts to innovate and bring new products to market has allowed for us to bring our customers new ideas. 


ADQ inc. is a leading supplier of Surebonder® hot-melt glue-sticks, proudly manufactured in the USA. Their hot-melt glue sticks are the top of the line and most economical choice for packaging and product assembly applications. They offer a variety of sizes and styles for each product so you don’t have to change your dispensing equipment.