ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Solutions that Win!

Industry: Book Binding

Problem: Customer was having major issues with char, clogged nozzles, and inconsistencies in the amount of glue they were putting down and issues with glue performance.

ADQ Solution: We suggested them trying our GRACO INVISIPAC “Tank – Free” hot melt units to trial and run next to their current systems. The tank free system melts the glue “on demand”, meaning a first-in, first-out set up. This eliminates char due to the glue not being exposed to high temps for extended periods of time.

Customer Result: The results from the change were excellent and the customer used 70% less glue than before. They chose this amount of glue because when the char builds up, the viscosity of the glue increases. Since the glue was thicker, they had to crank the air pressure up to get the thicker glue through their nozzles. This resulted in putting way too much glue down when the glue was not charred. Once we eliminated the “crock pot” and went to an “on demand” approach, they were getting the same viscosity each time. Ultimately, this one modification changed the whole game.

The customer is now buying 70% less glue per year and we were able to put them into a standard case packing glue, which saved them money on their glue costs. WIN!!!