Astro AP Series®

A Direct Replacement for Nordson Hot-Melt Machines

Astro Packaging’s® AP Series is a line of reliable hot melt equipment built with a constant pressure, pneumatic piston pump, capable of supplying up to 20 lbs. of melted material an hour. These rugged and durable melt units all use Ni120 sensors that match Nordson style sensors and are 100% compatible with existing Nordson hoses and guns. Utilizing an integrated flow-through melt grid and an adjustable output flow control, the AP Series ensures consistent pump rates and adhesive delivery for long hours of operation. The icon-driven, TC900 control panel is operator friendly and provides simple programming for all nine temperature zones.

Hot Melt Glue Machines

AP Series® Melters

Key Features

  • Supports air-actuated applicators, electric applicators, handheld applicators and/or custom applicator heads.
  • 9 or 13 zone, digital display temperature controller with Ni120 RTD sensor accuracy.
  • Reliable positive displacement gear pump with fixed or variable speed AC motor for smooth, high performance pump rates.
  • Optional 7-day clock to easily program turn-on/turn-off time parameters for run-ready temperatures and improved shift production.

Tank Capacity 15 lbs.30 lbs.50 lbs.100 lbs.
Melt Rate19 lbs/hr.40 bs/hr.50 lbs/hr.60 lbs/hr.
Pump Rate V4 PumpV2 Pump
125 lbs/hr.101 lbs/hr. | 199 lbs/hr.101 lbs/hr. | 199 lbs/hr.101 lbs/hr. | 199 lbs/hr.
Temperature Range100F - 450F100F - 425F100F - 425F100F - 425F
Ambient Temperature Range20F - 122F20F - 122F20F - 122F20F - 122F
Temperature Control Stability+/- 1F+/- 1F+/- 1F+/- 1F
Hose/Gun Capacity4466
Viscosity - Maximum CPS70,000 CPS70,000 CPS70,000 CPS70,000 CPS
Weight (Empty)78 lbs.120 lbs.160 lbs.160 lbs.
Dimensions - W x H x D in.11.6" x 22.7" x 23.7"12.1" x 23.5" x 26.2"14.1" x 24.6" x 29.2"14.1" x 37.4" x 29.2"
Mounting Dimensions in.20 x 1024 x 11.824.03 x 11.7624.03 x 11.76