Astro SS10®

A Direct Replacement for Nordson Hot-Melt Machines

  The SS10® hot melt adhesive unit is designed with a constant speed direct drive motor/pump combination, and an adjustable output control. This extremely reliable melt unit holds 10 lbs of adhesive. The cylindrical Teflon lined tank design virtually eliminates char build up with an integrated melt fin design to ensure consistent pump rates due to the flow through grid design. This is capable of 2 hoses and 2 applicators, the SS10 Includes a simple to operate TC500 temperature controller. The SS10® is a direct replacement for the Nordson DuraBlue® 4 and 10. It is the perfect machine for product assembly manual gluing applications and/or applications that require the unit to be moved around. 

The SS10®

Key Features

  • The SS10 supports 1 or 2 hoses and guns.
  • Handguns can be bead or spray.
  • Auto dispense guns can be electric or pneumatic.
  • Self diagnostic P.I.D.
  • LCD display digital temperature controller with platinum sensor accuracy.
SystemQX20 Hot Melt Unit
Tank Capacity 10 lbs.
Melt Rate10 lbs/hr.
Pump Rate64 lbs/hr.
Temperature Range40F - 450F
Ambient Temperature Range20F - 122F
Temperature Control Stability+/- 1F
Hose/Gun Capacity2
Viscosity - Maximum CPS25,000 CPS
Weight (Empty)60 lbs.
Dimensions - W x H x D in.13.1" x 21.5" x 18"
Mounting Dimensions in.14.9" x 12.1"