ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Nordson® Problue Piston Pump Stalling


Refer to your Nordson manual for SAFETY instructions.

Problem: Customer’s piston pumps in their ProBlue hot melt systems were constantly stalling and they could not figure out what was going on.

ADQ Solution: We suggested they lubricate their piston pumps every 1-2 months. One of the easiest ways to prevent your ProBlue piston pump from stalling is keep up on lubrication. The reason we see this happen from time to time is that the air valves are lubricated in the factory; however, the initial lubrication only keeps your piston pumps running smoothly for 1-2 months. That being said, how often you need to lubricate your air valves depends on how much you are running your Nordson machine.

Without lubrication, you risk corrosive build up in the air valves of your pump and the possibility of having a line down. Lubricating your air valves prevents them from drying and seizing up your pumps, thus keeping the piston pumps running smoothly.

Customer Result: We suggested that our customer lubricate their ProBlue air valves every 1-2 months to prevent stalling their ProBlue piston pumps. Since we consulted with them, their piston pumps have been running smoothly and they have not had to shut their lines down because of a dry air valve.

If you have any additional questions regarding preventative maintenance on your hot melt machines, give us a call at 1-800-237-4583 and we will help you troubleshoot.


ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Listening to Find a Solution


Industry: Food Production

Problem: Customer was having issues with hoses going bad. They had tried every hose imaginable, but the hoses were still going bad.

ADQ Solution: We custom modified one of our “water wash” hoses and did an extra layer of “waterproofing.” The environment is wet; from the floor, to the air, to the spray downs after each shift. ADQ’s team came in and accurately assessed the situation. They suggested the process of customizing the hoses to the environment and since then, the issue has been resolved.

Customer Result: This change allowed the customer to increase production and also decrease the maintenance budget. They were originally using two types of adhesives, yet ADQ was able to come up with one adhesive for the customer’s entire plant.


ADQ Inc. Takes the Time to Listen to the Customer… Small or Large!


At ADQ Inc., we aspire to provide involved and cooperative support to our customers. For projects small or large, our knowledgeable and experienced staff will give you the necessary time and effort to see your needs fulfilled. As some of the larger companies overlook low volume users of their products, we aim to fill the void in support that many users experience with decades of experience behind us.

For Example: A company had multiple brands of adhesive equipment that had been purchased 6-10 years ago. Through time, a few number of unlabeled and unmarked parts from the two equipment brands had begun to wear and lose functionality. A large equipment manufacturer would not give this customer their time and effort to understand the customer’s operations and identify the specific parts that needed to be replaced. After months of outreach to no avail, this company was introduced to ADQ. ADQ was able to analyze the customer’s needs, research and identify the unlabeled parts, and become a steady supplier and service provider for the company within weeks of being introduced. Because our work utilizes reliable and responsive communication to our customers, we were able to fulfill the customer’s needs when other companies couldn’t. 


ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Solutions that Win!


Industry: Book Binding

Problem: Customer was having major issues with char, clogged nozzles, and inconsistencies in the amount of glue they were putting down and issues with glue performance.

ADQ Solution: We suggested them trying our GRACO INVISIPAC “Tank – Free” hot melt units to trial and run next to their current systems. The tank free system melts the glue “on demand”, meaning a first-in, first-out set up. This eliminates char due to the glue not being exposed to high temps for extended periods of time.

Customer Result: The results from the change were excellent and the customer used 70% less glue than before. They chose this amount of glue because when the char builds up, the viscosity of the glue increases. Since the glue was thicker, they had to crank the air pressure up to get the thicker glue through their nozzles. This resulted in putting way too much glue down when the glue was not charred. Once we eliminated the “crock pot” and went to an “on demand” approach, they were getting the same viscosity each time. Ultimately, this one modification changed the whole game.

The customer is now buying 70% less glue per year and we were able to put them into a standard case packing glue, which saved them money on their glue costs. WIN!!!




CUSTOMER’S PROBLEM: One of many of our larger users of Hot Melt had an issue with purchasing on their end. They had a difficult internal purchasing process, which made for delays in getting purchase orders out to their vendors. Their adhesive supplier at the time was a large adhesive manufacturer that could not react fast enough when the purchase orders would finally come through. In a few cases, they would have long lead times on the adhesives they needed. This resulted in a long turnaround time on their needed product.


ADQ SOLUTION: ADQ Inc. offers the service of warehousing their inventory for them. We eliminate the lead time lag and/or the delay in the customer obtaining the purchased orders.

Another Happy Customer: 100% orders on time for 3 years straight – At ADQ Inc., we listen to the customer to solve their problems!



ADQ Inc. Problem Solvers: Nordson® Durablue 25


Problem: Leaking Melter, but not able to shut down the line to fix or replace.

Customer had a hot melt unit that was leaking, but they could not shut down the production to fix it; consequently, they kept the unit running for weeks non-stop. By the time they called us, the hot melt was all over the bottom of the large Nordson DURABLUE 25. Customer said that they were unable to tackle this repair and told us they knew it was a mess, but they needed it turned around fast.

Solution: ADQ Inc. puts 2 technicians on the job.

Not being able to even turn on the machine to help it warm up, to at least soften the glue, our staff worked at finding unique ways to get all the hot melt away from the bottom of the machine to determine the location of the leak.

ADQ’s staff was able to clean the unit, identify the leak, and make the repairs.



ADQ Problem Solvers with Customer Service as our main drive!


Graco® InvisiPac HM25C


The Graco® InvisiPac – Tank Free Hot Melt System 

Realize the benefits of Tank-Free technology with the Generation 3 designed InvisiPac HM25c. And because all the controls are included in the internal circuit board, the unit can work independent from its control panel (ADM). This means that the controls can be operated from afar or integrated into other control panels. Visit  for more information.


  • 10-min start up time
  • Connection for 8 zones
  • Standard integrated material tracking
  • Auto shut-off capability after user defined idle time
  • USB download of operating data, errors and event history
  • Quantitatively analyze machine performance to improve preventative maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Internal pattern control with easy pattern set up on all configurations
  • Auto-tuning fill adjusts over time as conditions change eliminating the need for calibration
  • 25lb; 11,3 kg/hour melt rate
  • Tank Free design eliminates charred material that causes nozzle clogging

If you are ready for a Tank Free, no char system, that will delivery precise temperature control and constant viscosity that leads to overall adhesive savings, call us at 800-237-4583 and visit us at


At ADQ Inc. We Answer the Phone!


AT ADQ INC. one of our values is to answer the phone.  We never know when a customer or potential Customer is in a bind and needs our help.

One of our advantages of being an adhesive and hot melt dispensing equipment distributor is that we have inventory and we have warehouses strategically located within 2 hours of 95% of our customers.

ADQ realizes when our phone rings after hours it is either an issue with the customer’s; Nordson, ITW, HMT, Astro, or Graco equipment and need HELP right away, OR it is an adhesive problem; issue with the application or they have run out of stock unexpectedly.  This is where being both equipment and adhesive suppliers works for You the customer.

Here is a story of a recent ANSWER THE PHONE PROBLEM!

Example: a competitor has let their customer down by not having material available for them or a miscommunication.  Good luck trying to get ahold of someone at one of the big three US adhesive companies.

It’s Saturday, the day after black Friday (Thanksgiving weekend), and a local company in the internet fulfillment business had ran out of packaging adhesive. They were working thru a third-party supplier of packaging products who sell them their hotmelt.  A current ADQ  customer contacted us and asked if we could help out the internet fulfillment business’ supplier. Their customer was going thru 1000 lbs a day and their supplier had zero inventory on the customers biggest day of the year.

ADQ contacted the third party and it was clear they did not understand the adhesive business or how hot melt worked. Thought you could just send in any hot melt material and it would do the job. ADQ understood what the product was needed and took a pallet over to them right away, on a Saturday. As part of our customer service we visited the site to see how else we could help.  We meet with their fulfillment person, who said that their current supplier could not get them material until the next Monday. Customer needed more material now and ADQ came to the rescue! We went back to our warehouse and picked up two more pallets. 

Customer loved the fact that ADQ Answered the phone, understood their problem, and Solved it!
They needed and wanted to buy 10,000lbs by Tuesday. ADQ Inc. got it done.  Another Satisfied customer that loved our service and wants to do business with suppliers that ANSWER THE PHONE and they know they can trust not to let them down.

CALL ADQ INC. for all your Hot melt adhesives and Hot melt equipment needs!



Nordson Announces They are Obsoleting the 3000V Series Hot Melt Units and Parts


Recently, Nordson announced they were obsoleting the 3000V Vista Series Hot Melt Units. They will no longer be supplying parts for these units. What does this mean to you the customer:

  • Forced to Upgrade to the next Production Model
  • Will have to look elsewhere for parts to keep lines running
  • Jeopardize production by gambling on your hot melt unit making it without going down during production
  • More demand for parts means higher prices
    ADQ understands your situation and we are prepared to support your equipment needs along with others models Nordson has chosen to make obsoleted models along with other models Nordson has chosen not to support. If you are in need of a rebuilt/refurbished unit, and including replacement parts please contact us through this website. List of Obsolete Equipment and Parts
  • 3000 Series Hot Melt Units
  • 3000V Vista Series Hot melt Units
  • Model IV and V Units
  • We also support the current Problue and Dura Blue Hot Melt Units
  • Foam Melt 150 and Foam Melt 200 Units




The Glue Ain’t Working


Those are the words that every Line Supervisor/ Production manager literally hates to hear! IT means their packaging operations have come to a halt until someone figures out what went wrong and how to correct it. Fortunately, there is a checklist that you can use to get things going again:

  • Check the lot number of the adhesives on line. If it is the same as yesterday, when the line ran well, it ain’t the glue.
  • Check the substrate, lot changes can make a difference due to coating weight and contribute to poor or adhesive failure. Corrugated surfaces can have different holdout properties, even though they look the same, use a simple water drop test on the board and test for absorption. Beads that last longer than a minute may require changes in compression settings.
  • Hot Melts: Check the operating temperatures for all zones on the melt unit. Too cold or too hot can lead to pop opens or poor bond sites. 
  • Cold Glue: Check add-on levels by looking at the bead size and tip size. Air and pump pressure settings should also be reviewed.
  • Check compression pressure and dwell time, too little of each and incomplete bonds will occur.

Finally, if all that fails to get your process back up and operational, call us at ADQ. With over 100 years of combined adhesive and equipment experience in sales and service, our representatives can visit your plant and suggest ways to get your production lines back up and running at PEAK efficiencies.