Graco InvisiPac®

Start realizing the major savings experienced when switching to a TANK FREE DESIGN


Graco’s InvisiPac® tank-free hot melting system outperforms all existing tank and tankless systems on the market. With a true melt-on-demand design, the InvisiPac system delivers guaranteed savings and optimizes production. It makes your case and carton sealing operations more reliable, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

At ADQ Inc. we understand that consistent unplanned downtime on case or carton sealing applications is detrimental to any production line. This is why ADQ Inc. is a leading supplier of the Graco InvisiPac®


Hot Melt Glue Machines

The Graco InvisiPac HM25c®

With InvisiPac®, you’ll experience far less downtime and produce more with a better seal. You’ll use far less adhesive and be able to drastically reduce your spare parts inventory.
All delivering more profits to your bottom line. And have the data to prove it!

How? The difference is the technology. No tank. Period.

The innovative design, with 70% larger melting surface than the closest competitor,
melts your glue fast, and dispenses it immediately, controlling a consistent viscosity and
dispensing exactly what is needed, down to the hundredth of a gram.


With an industry-leading start-up time of just 10 minutes, InvisiPac tank-free technology results in a 48% reduction in start-up energy, helping you to achieve your sustainability goals. In addition, InvisiPac reduces adhesive usage by a minimum of 30% and potentially up to 70-80%. It also eliminates unplanned downtime caused by adhesive charring, nozzle plugging, and hose issues.


The InvisiPac® Hot Melt System keeps adhesive at a consistent temperature and viscosity. By avoiding temperature fluctuations and the formation of char, the material output remains constant during production hours with zero downtime. The InvisiPac® applicator’s integrated module filtering eliminated plugged nozzles and a consistent bead of adhesive on every box. Track adhesive usage, system performance and line data from anywhere at any time to achieve your Industry 4.0 initiatives.


As operators have no direct contact with the hot molten adhesive, the InvisiPac system eliminates safety hazards such as burning, toxic fumes and slippage. When the adhesive inside the melter reaches a certain level, a signal is automatically sent to the feeding system, causing adhesive to be sucked from the container directly into the melter–all without operator intervention.

SystemQX20 Hot Melt Unit
Tank Capacity Melt on Demand
Melt Rate25 lbs/hr.
Max Flow Rate 96 lbs/hr.
Max Temperature400F
Channels 4
Time to Temperature10 Minutes
Max Air Inlet Pressure100 psi
Voltage (V ac) 200-240, 350-415
Weight (Empty)86 lbs.
Dimensions - W x H x D in.25.4" x 49.3" x 16.5"
Mounting Dimensions in.14.9" x 12.1"

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