Hot-Melt Glue Sticks


End-of-Line Packaging

ADQ Inc. will help you get your products to your customer safely. Our hot-melt adhesives for end-of-line packaging are precisely catered towards your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with difficult board stock, changing weather, pop-opens, stringing, or bridging in your feed barrels… ADQ’s adhesive experts will get the right product for your application. If you have a problem, we have a solution.


Product Assembly

ADQ Inc. has a full line of product assembly glue-sticks. We will help you improve your products quality, strength, and aesthetic appearance while giving you an assured bond without the need for nails, screws or added fasteners. 

Our product assembly adhesives are widely used in the automotive industry to bond foam, acoustic components, trim, headliner components as well as other sub assembly products. Whether you’re bonding plastic, insulation, or partitioning, we carry a wide range of hot-melt adhesives suitable for your applications. 


Protective Packaging

ADQ is a leading supplier to the protective packaging/dunnage industry. 

Our line of hot-melt sticks are the top of the line for bonding all foams, including high density cross-linked PE to plastic, paper, HDPE, World-Cell and more… Our products have great internal strength and long open-times, giving our customers a more flexible assembly process.