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We have a wide selection of Hot Melt Glue Machines, suitable for most applications

Hot Melt Glue Machines

Graco InvisiPac HM25C®

ADQ is a proud authorized Graco® Distributor and a leading supplier of the Graco InvisiPac®. Graco® went above and beyond to address the common shortfalls from Nordson®, ITW®, and Valco/Melton® Hot Melt Glue Machines. They designed the most profitable and reliable system on the market, today. 

The Graco InvisiPac® is ideal for high speed case and carton sealing applications. 

Astro Packaging QX20®

Astro Packagings QX20® is a reliable Hot Melt Glue Machines build with a constant pressure, pneumatic piston pump, capable of supplying up to 20lbs of melted material an hour. This is a drop in replacement of Nordson® hot-melt machines. 

The QX20 supports up to four hoses and guns, and was designed to use the same 12-pin hose connectors as other Nordson® machines — making it the perfect drop-in replacement for Nordson® ProBlue®, 2300 and 3000 Series Melters. Removable housing panels completely expose all components for easy-access service and maintenance.

Astro Packaging – SS10 Melter

The SS10 Hot Melt Glue Machines is designed with a constant speed direct drive motor/pump combination, and an adjustable output control. This extremely reliable melt unit holds 10 lbs of adhesive. The cylindrical Teflon lined tank design virtually eliminates char build up with an integrated melt fin design to ensure consistent pump rates due to the flow through grid design. This is capable of 2 hoses and 2 applicators, the SS10 Includes a simple to operate TC500 temperature controller. 

Astro Packaging – AP Series

The AP Series is the latest addition to Astro Packaging’s® long and proud history of reliable Hot Melt Glue Machines the adhesive dispens­ing industry has come to know. These rugged and durable melt units all use Ni120 sensors that match Nordson style sensors and are 100% compatible with existing Nordson hoses and guns. Utilizing an integrated flow-through melt grid and an adjustable output flow control, the AP Series ensures consistent pump rates and adhesive delivery for long hours of operation.

Hot Melt Glue Machines

Surebonder® Glue Stick Guns

The Surebonder® Glue Guns are the most reliable stick glue guns on the market. Whether you need to replace your current stick glue gun or upgrade to a higher output gun, we will get you what you need. 

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