Optimization Audit

Your Best Path to achieving Optimal Adhesive Performance

At ADQ Inc, we understand that most companies don’t have the time to thoroughly assess their adhesive processes. Fortunately, the ADQ Adhesive Optimization Audit was made to take a deep look into your entire adhesive application process. This process reveals more than you thought you could know about your adhesive applications and gives you a critical path to optimal results. 

The Value

The OPTIMIZATION audit was designed to give our customers a better understanding of their adhesive applications and give them the necessary tools to improve their OEE and UPH.

How It Works

ADQ Inc. will send in our experienced adhesive/Hot Melt Glue Machines expert to your plant to diagnose your current and desired state of production. While onsite, our technicians will:

  • Diagnose Existing Problems
  • Asses Equipment (Temperatures, Pressure, Pump, Tank, Line Speed)
  • Analyze Fiber Tear Rate as a Percentage
  • Collect/Measure glue beads (Length, Width, and Weight g/box)
Hot Melt Glue Machines

What Might This Reveal?

Once we have a clear understanding of your current adhesive process, we will discuss improvement opportunities to save your company time and money.

  • Adhesive Reduction Plan
  • Optimal Bead Size and Placement
  • Target Grams/Box
  • Best-In-Class Adhesive Suggestion
  • Pressure Setting
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Confidence that your equipment functions are being used effectively
  • Parts Inventory Improvements


Current Adhesive process, equipment, and ongoing problems.


Detailed onsite assessment of your Hot Melt Glue Machines, application methods, settings and current state of equipment.


The total cost of your adhesive process, downtime, glue weight/box, maintenance costs, inventory.


Work collaboratively to implement improvements in agreed upon areas and measure the outcome, post-optimization.